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  • Brittany Hicks

A Self-Love Poem

Gentle and graceful moments of compassion for self discovered through the journey of the walk we take within to heal what blocks us from our true nature...Love.

A Silent Calling from Within

I found this gift

That is all for me

but I had it wrapped so tightly

that I couldn't see

it was wrapped in false security.

This gift has been there all along

I just never knew I could feel as if I belong.

to whom I'm not sure

I had it all wrong.

This gift waited inside for me to find it one day

my hope is here now it's come along way.

I see more clearly now than I have ever before

I now have strength to pick me up off the floor.

I no longer need anyone else's hand I see now I have two feet to stand.

The painful cries and the lingering lies have helped me see through what I thought was my demise.

I now see what lies within,

My heart,

My soul,

My dearest friend.

I am learning to love me and

that is now my security.

I thought before the pain was ending me

until I began befriending me.

I hope I don't lose you again

For you are the mirror to what is real...My spirit within.

If I can't find you one day

Please whisper to feel

And I will seek balance to remember what's Real.