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Mental Health Therapist

I hold space with you as you move through your inner work and uncover and heal what prevents you from recognizing your worth and your right to claim abundance, love, and peace of mind. We will collaborate together to bring awareness to outdated beliefs and behaviors, repetitive negative thoughts and stories, unhealed emotional and psychological wounds from past experiences, emotional and physical pain, and spiritual blocks. Awareness alone can offer great healing and to further support that we can utilize different healing approaches to integrate positive new beliefs, process challenging stories and events, release blocks and trapped emotions, practice mindfulness, and utilize energy techniques to support health and relaxation.

My Intent is to be of service to others to help support healing, change, and growth at each person’s own pace. I trust that the greatest healer is within ourselves and space and presence are created during our time together to allow this healing ability to come forth. I aspire for others to see their wholeness and worth through their own eyes as I act as a witness to their ability to uncover this truth.


I was born and raised in Western Nebraska and spent most of my time outdoors growing up. As a child I knew my passion was to be of service to others, animals, and the planet. Soon after graduating high school the calling to be a mental health therapist became clear. I relocated to Kansas City, MO after receiving an academic scholarship to Park University where I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I am an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Lakota tribe and I was blessed to receive an Indian Health Service scholarship that gave me the opportunity to attend the University of Kansas's Master's of Social Work program. I began providing therapy services in 2013 and graduated with my MSW in 2014. I relocated back to Nebraska to be close to family and worked four and a half years at Nebraska Urban Indian Medical Center. I was honored to serve the Native and Yezidi refugee community during my time at NUIMC. A new opportunity arose which allowed me to open Enlightened Living Therapy and move to an office space at Park One. I love to read, write, practice yoga, learn all things healing, psychology, nutrition, personal growth, development, health, and emotional well-being. I enjoy spending time with my loving pitbull Champ and husband and we try to spend as much time outdoors and can be found camping most weekends in the summer.